A documentary photographer and a professor of photography, Charlee Brodsky describes her work as dealing with social issues and beauty. Her most recent book, I Thought I Could Fly... Portraits of Anguish, Compulsion, and Despair, is on sale now. Brodsky exhibits her work nationally and regionally, has been honored with Pennsylvania Arts Fellowships and other awards, and often works with writers. [More...]


February, 27, 2012;  I am terrifically happy to be the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts 'Artist of the Year — 2012.'  As a part of this honor, I will be exhibiting new work at their galleries in August. More about that soon... in my next update! 

But for now, it's been a while since my last entry — almost a year and a half. During then and now, I continue to explore issues that I find important.

I am working with families at Sojourner House Moms, an organization that provides housing and support services to families where the mom is a single parent dealing with recovery from addiction while parenting multiple children. My students, again, are also involved with Sojourner House Moms and we will post our work to my site in May. In addition, I am working with Emmett Patterson, an 18 year old transgender male, who I contacted after reading about him in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Emmett is an extraordinary individual. Together, we are exploring issues of body and mind during his process of recent profound identity change.

But, what has occupied my attention most during this time of 'no updates' is focus on my dogs—Max and Sam Brodsky, two Westies. [More...]


As a part of my teaching at Carnegie Mellon, my students and I work with social service organizations in Pittsburgh. We have worked with Lydia's Place, an agency that helps women and their children during or after the mother's incarceration; and most recently we worked with Sojourner's House whose mission is to provide housing and services to women and their families who have dealt with addiction and mental illness. In these courses we see how photography can be used to tell stories and how the camera can be used as a tool to make connections between people. Please click on the links to view two projects.
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