While the Sun is Bright +

A Book by Charlee Brodsky, Featuring Sam & Max Brodsky


From the Afterword

The words in While the Sun is Bright, or in the Darkest Night are by William Shakespeare with two exceptions. The title and the text on the next to last page, which repeats the title, are from the song Ruby Tuesday written by Keith Richards in 1966 and performed by the Rolling Stones.

The lovers in the While the Sun is Bright are Sam and Max Brodsky. They are both dogs and are both male. There is precedent for having two males play the parts in this book. When Shakespearspeareís works were first performed in Elizabethan England, it was thought immoral for women to be actors. Yet, there is a more significant reason for two males to play these roles. Research in animal studies shows that there is a much larger percentage of same sex pairing than previously thought. Sam and Maxís relationship is complex: it is bouncy, barky, growly, —and especially prickly during meal-times. They are each otherís constant companions. But their relationship is a splendid model for all because more than anything, it is caring.

The photographs in the book were made when Sam was ten years old and Max was between three and nine months old. Charlee Brodsky made the photographs and tried to direct the action but neither Sam nor Max listened. The book was made in December 2010. The typeface is Mrs Eaves. The image of Shakespeare on the very last page is done by an unknown artist sometime between the late 1600s and the early 1700s.